Team Mandolino 

Welcome to Mandolino Ristorante. At Mandolino, the magic and the art happens in the kitchen where bold flavors and fresh ingredients evolve into delicious meals created by the hands of our truly talented and skilled chefs. Both bring an array of culinary skills to the kitchen.  Their own passion for cooking is shown in each meal they create. At Mandolino our goal is to satisfy your tastebuds one bite at a time and to keep you coming back for more.  Enjoy tasting our mouth watering menu of authentic Italian cuisine made with the freshest ingredients.  


 Pizza Chef & Owner Agostino Cangiano

Chef Agostino Cangiano’s appreciation and mastering the art of making Neapolitan Pizza and Italian cuisine was developed at the young age of 14 years old.  Growing up in Napoli, Italy he was exposed to a variety of foods that would fuel his passion in making fresh Neapolitan pies. At age 26 he began his culinary career working in some of New York’s most well-known Italian restaurants including both “Rosso Pomodoro” and “Bella Blu” located on the Upper East Side.

Chef Agostino’s love for Neapolitan pizza and cuisine has earned him the opportunity to now open the renowned restaurant in Union Square “Mandolino”. Chef Agostino not only delivers the message that quality food is all about the fresh ingredients but that you are able to transmit the real experience of what it is to eat fresh and live well. 


Executive Chef Antonio Resvan Costa

Raised in Calabria, Italy Antonio decided to pursue his calling and passion of culinary arts. After completing his degree in finance, he started his career working as a kitchen assistant in a small restaurant in his hometown Calabria. 

Shortly after he started working at Michelin star restaurant, L’approdo de Vibo Marina mentored by Chef Agostino Bilotta, Antonio continued to learn and master the art of cooking.

In 2015 after taking a course di “Alta Cucina”, also a Michelin star restaurant “Antonio Abruzzino” he moved to Rome and start working at Gaetano Costa Ristorante, one of the most prestigious restaurants in Rome. After spending a year in Rome he met well established and inspiring chefs, Andre Misseri and Alessandro Vasallo at “La Buvette” Ristorante. 

He moved to Paris (France) where he met Chef Favio Mevra, owner of a well-known restaurant Vino E Cucina where he learned the technique of French cuisine.

 He recently moved to New York City, where he met neighboring Chef Agostino Cangiano. Chef Agostino, an owner of newly opened Mandolino Ristorante partnered up with Antonio sharing the common idea of providing fresh authentic Italian cuisine to the Big Apple. 



General Manager Gennaro Minale 







Carolina Bolivar Owner











Cesar Guevara Owner